Why Should You Consider UPS?

Why Should You Consider UPS?

Before we look at how a UPS is beneficial, lets take a quick look at the three most common conditions that can happen on a power grid that can cause issues with home electronics.

From entertainment centers to the hospitals, offices to productive facilities, there has to be a non-stop service. In every area that always needs electricity; with Uninterruptible Power Supplies you get top quality electric energy immediately. UPS devices do not only prevent any kind of power supply malfunction but also filters most of the parasites in the power supply, so more sensitive load is provided with a perfect power supply.  Power supplies are electronic devices that protect the load from the alterations caused by possible voltage fluctuations, voltage rise, revulsions and short or long-continued electric cut-outs.


Hospitals, medical centers, laboratories


Mid-market KOBİ companies

Server systems, IT rooms

Telecommunication systems

Schools, universities

Last users: Elevator users, TV, combi boiler, garage, lighting, modem, indoor

Machines such as textile, ad press

In short, UPS is used in every device that works with electricity.