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  • Starline 20 KVA 3F 1F

    UPS Teknoloji

    Galaxy Guard STARLINE series 3 Phase entry 1 Phase out; was designed to be used in Middle/Large scale offices and various sectors for high tech devices.

    3 Phase Entry 1 Phase Out

  • Stargate R10

    UPS Teknoloji

    Galaxy Guard STARGATE R series 19" Rack-mount UPS devices are uninterruptible power supplies that were produced to be used in Middle/Large scale offices, network  and communication server systems for high tech devices.

  • Stargate RT 3S

    UPS Teknoloji

    Galaxy Guard stargate RT series uninterruptible power supply devices are power supplies that satisfy the need for small/middle businesses, central server systems and Network communication sectors with a high performance.

  • G-VRLA Accumulator

    UPS Teknoloji

    12V capacity : with 1.3Ah and  26Ah lifetime: between 20 C and 25 C 7 years

    12V capacity : with 40Ah and 100Ah lifetime: between 20 C and 25 C 10 years

  • Galaxy Power Jen. 12 KVA

    UPS Teknoloji

    This generator group was designed to match the necessities of ISO8528.

    This generator group was designed and produced according to ISO9001 certificate.

    This generator group is appropriate for the conditions of 2000/14/EC

  • SVR Regulator

    UPS Teknoloji

    Static Voltage Regulator (SVR) connected between the network and the load protects the load from irregularities in line voltage.

    SVR that works with the principle of thread replacement feeds the consuming device with the threads inside of it. It also enables the load to work securely by changing the threads in case of any regularity in line voltage.

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Galaxy Guard EA 9015 Series Online Uninterruptible Power Supplies


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Why must I use ups power supply?

From entertainment centers to the hospitals, offices to productive facilities, there has to be a non-stop service.



  • ATV

    Galaxy Gurad

  • Destek FX

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  • WHY UPS ?

    WHY UPS ?

    For us, it is very important to stay in touch with the World. Since the companies that we work with do global businesses, we have to work 7/24 for their advertisements on the internet. UPS technology presented us a real solution by steering us in the right way. Thank you.

    “FABBARİKA Agency”